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CRISTAL project partner  Sonia Giovinazzi from ENEA will char Session I (Documenting and representing Smart & Resilient Cultural Heritage) at the 3rd Italy – Korea Symposium: DISASTER PREVENTION AND PRESERVATION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE USING ADVANCED ICT TECHNOLOGY “SMART RESILIENCE OF HISTORIC AREAS AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES” on November 7th, 2023 @ Piazza Borghese, 9, 00186 Rome, Italy

We are pleased to invite you to “The 3rd Italy-Korea Symposium 2023 on Disaster Prevention and Preservation of Cultural Heritage using Advanced ICT Technology” in Rome (Italy) 7th November 2023.

The Symposium will focus on “Smart resilience of historic urban areas and archaeological sites” aiming to discuss how to take full advantage of the unprecedented opportunity that the advancement of ICT technologies are providing towards the preservation and valorisation of cultural heritage and how to jointly promote smartness, resilience, and sustainability in cultural heritage preservation. Scientific advancements and implementations of Metaverse, Digital Twin and Heritage Building Information Modelling HBIM for the preservation, valorisation and enhanced fruition of both tangible and intangible cultural heritage will be showcased.

The 3rd Italy-Korea Symposium 2023 is organized by ENEA and ETRI, in collaboration with NUCH University and Sapienza University of Rome. The Symposium will be a hybrid event, remote attendance will also be possible if you cannot make the in-presence event. 

Please register your interest and you plan for attendance at the link below:

Further information are available here



In a significant stride forward, we’ve laid the foundations for the Synchromodal Corridor Management System (SCMS) during the project’s inaugural phase. Now, as we enter the second year, the SCMS is rapidly evolving, with key components like the user interface taking shape.

🛠️ Key Achievements:

  • Functional Foundations: We’ve identified functional requirements, defined system specifications and architecture, and ensured data availability.
  • Strategic Objectives: Our focus is on enhancing the reliability and resilience of Inland Waterways within the broader transport corridors.
  • Real-time Insights: SCMS functionalities provide stakeholders timely information on existing and forecasted events, evaluating their impact on river cargo flow and logistics operations.

💡 Innovation in Progress:

  • System Components: The user interface is now in its initial version.
  • Algorithms and Connectivity: SCMS algorithms, alongside connections and data exchange methods with CRISTAL Digital Twins and other systems, are actively under development.

🌍 Current Focus: Italian Pilot We’re intensifying efforts on the Italian pilot, establishing a robust reference network and integrating existing and forecasted data for core functionalities. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of the river’s operational status and infrastructure.

📈 Next Steps: The upcoming period will witness rigorous system testing, marking a crucial phase in realizing our project goals.

Stay tuned for more updates as CRISTAL Project revolutionizes transport logistics, fostering resilience and innovation! 💧🚢 #CRISTALProject #SCMSDevelopment #TransportInnovation #LogisticsResilience #InnovationInAction 🌟