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Łukasiewicz - Poznań Institute of Technology

Ewarysta Estkowskiego 6
61-755 Poznań, Poland


Project materials

CRISTAL Project results, Project materials, Dissemination materials, Public deliverables and other interesting materials regarding the project

Download Logo with acronym

CRISTAL Project Full logo

Download Logo with description

CRISTAL Project Full logo with description

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CRISTAL Project logo

Download Press Release

CRISTAL Project Press Release is available for download.

Download Cristal project guidelines

CRISTAL Project guidelines are prepared as separate document and available for download.


CRISTAL Project Flyer is available for download.

CRISTAL AO Poster December 2023

CRISTAL Project A0 poster- General assembly Dec.2023.

CRISTAL Work structure infographics

Download CRISTAL Projectwork structure infographics.


CRISTAL Flyer in Italian

Il volantino del progetto CRISTAL è disponibile in lingua italiana.

CRISTAL Flyer for INW 2023

CRISTAL Project Flyer for Inland Navigation Week 2023.


CRISTAL INW Pilot in Italian

Scarica il volantino INW Pilot in italiano